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Black Diamond Yellow 1500 Grit Round Concrete Floor Prep Pads (12" - 28" Sizes Available) - 2 Pack

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Product Description

Part of our Black Diamond series, these yellow pads start the polishing step in the restoration process. The pad is 1500 grit and has micro diamonds in the pad to bring out the initial luster in your floor. This prepares the surface for the green 3000 grit pads, which add a high gloss polish in the final step of the restoration. Using these pads will create a safer surface on your concrete, terrazzo, marble, and vinyl floors by increasing slip resistance as well as improving the resistance to dirt and wear.

If your floor is in rough shape, you'll need to start with the red 400 grit and white 800 grit to prep the floors before you come over with these yellow 1500 grit pads. These yellow pads can be used with water on a low speed machines (up to 350 RPM) or used dry on high-speed machines (up to 3000 RPM).

Made with micro diamonds, the Black Diamond series of pads clean and polish your floor at the same time. Since these diamonds do the work, prepping your floors with these pads requires no chemicals and can be used with just water. They can be used on any machine that is equipped to use regular pads since it doesn’t require any additional attachments or equipment to use them.

We have a starter pack that contains 1 of each pad. For other options, please take a look at our full line of floor prep pads.


  • For use on floor machines up to 3000 RPM.
  • Use with water. No chemicals are needed! Cleaner and safer for the environment.
  • Made with microscopic diamonds to clean & polish the floor at the same time.
  • Daily use of Black Diamond pads will produce a glossy, mechanically densified surface that has an increased resistance to dirt & wear.
  • Pads will fit on floor buffers without the need for new equipment.
  • Life span is three times that of traditional floor cleaning pads.
  • Pads should only be used colored side down & replaced when the backing starts to show through.

Quick Overview

  • 1500 grit for light polishing to bring out the initial luster
  • For use with 12" - 28" floor buffers
  • 2 pads per case

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Black Diamond Polishing Pads

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