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Floor Buffing Procedure

Reason: To remove surface scratches and marks.

Benefit: Smooth, blemish free finish surface reflects more light, therefore giving the impression of a higher gloss. Extends time between complete floor strippings.

Equipment Needed: Buffing machine, buffing pad, dust mop. (We recommend using a 20" floor buffer, due to the size and weight for better buffing results.)

Chemicals Needed: None.

Note: Never buff unless floor is clean.


  1. Gather all needed supplies and safety equipment.
  2. Dust mop and clean floor prior to buffing.
  3. Install buffing pad.
  4. Walk in a straight line at 1-2 ft. per second, overlapping each pass by 2-4 inches. Buff until desired gloss is achieved. Repeat the process in another area.
  5. Change pad when it becomes worn out, dirty or loaded with finish powder.
  6. Dust mop the floor after buffing.
  7. Pick up dirty solution with a mop or a wet vacuum.
  8. Pick up and dispose any debris created during buffing.
  9. Clean all equipment and return to storage area.


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