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17" Round Floor Sanding Screens (60 - 150 Grits Available) - 10 Pack

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10 Screens per Case
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Product Description

Floor sanding screens are widely used for repairing coatings on wood, gym, or painted floor surfaces. They are basically sandpaper on a small grid-like sheet that have a 17" diameter and can be flipped over and used on both sides to extend their lifespan. Each sanding screen attaches to a 17" floor buffer by "velcro-ing" it to any 17" floor scrubbing pad. We recommend a 17" white pad for attaching to the pad driver, as the white pad has no possibility of harming a floor surface.

Available in various grades ranging from 60 grit (Extra Aggressive) to 150 grit (Ultra Fine), these screens play a vital role in achieving a professional floor finish. It's important to begin with the most aggressive screens and progressively move towards the least aggressive based on your floor's condition and the desired outcome.

60 grit extra aggressive sanding screens are typically used initially to "rough up" wood floors, prepping the floor for a smoother finish with less aggressive screens.

80 grit aggressive screens can be used to even out rough wood floors or as a follow-up step after using the 60 grit screens.

100 grit fine screens are perfect for smoothing out scratches after using the 60 or 80 grit screens, ensuring a more polished appearance.

120 grit extra fine screens excel at delicate sanding and finishing tasks, targeting very light scratches and serving as a buffer between finish coats.

150 grit ultra fine screens are ideal for achieving a fine finish on wood floors, leaving behind a beautifully smooth surface.

After each use, it's recommended to rinse and then air dry the screens to prolong their lifespan. Rinsing of the screens removes debris and buildup, ensuring a cleaner cutting surface for future use.

When a urethane-coated floor gets scuffed, a new layer of urethane may need to be put down. The floor needs to be prepared first. Using a 60-grit screen, go over the floor quickly. You do not need to remove a lot of material. You should only remove a little of the coating. You should not sand down to the wood. Vacuum up all of the dust. Repeat with an 80-grit screen. Vacuum and damp mop up all dust. You may repeat this procedure with a 100-grit screen but in general, it is not needed. This uniform scuff allows the new coating to adhere properly to the floor. Put down urethane coating following product instructions.

For other sizes and options including rectangular screens for oscillating floor machines, please take a look at our full line of floor sanding screens.

*Please Note: This product is not recommended for use on epoxy floors.

Quick Overview

  • Fits on 17" floor buffers
  • 60, 80, 100, 120 & 150 grit options available
  • 10 sand screens per case

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Product Information + Specs

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17 inches
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United States
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Floor Pads, Bonnets & Sanding Screens
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