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Twister™ Round Purple SuperClean Diamond Cleaning Pads (14" - 20" Sizes Available) - 2 Pack

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2 Pads per Case
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Product Description

If you are looking for a pad to use for daily cleaning of floors like vinyl, linoleum, and wooden floors, then Twister has the perfect pad for you. This purple SuperClean pad has been made to effectively remove dirt from these types of floors with the use of special micro diamonds. These diamonds require no chemicals to be effective, but water is still required for this specific pad. Also, this pad should be only used with a low-speed machine that runs at or below 350 RPM. To achieve an additional high gloss shine to your floors after using this purple pad, please look at our Twister SuperGloss pad which can be used on the same type of floors.

The Twister line of pads all feature the use of micro diamonds while cleaning the floors. These diamonds will clean and polish your floors without any need for expensive chemicals. Often, these pads only require water when being used, and some can even be used dry. Please check each pad to see if it is best used wet or dry. Omitting chemicals from the cleaning process is safer for the environment and workers while also saving your company money in the long run. Diamond pads can last up to 3 times that of other pads, even though they are built to only be used on one side. The pads should be checked regularly and replaced when the backing starts to show through on the colored side. Pads can be simply swapped out of your floor buffer just like any other pad since they don’t require any proprietary equipment. Daily use of these pads will produce a safer floor that resists dirt and wear while cutting down on slips and trips.


  • Use with water. No chemicals needed! Cleaner and safer for the environment.
  • Made with microscopic diamonds to clean and polish the floor at the same time.
  • Daily use of Twister pads will produce a glossy, mechanically densified surface that has increased resistance to dirt and wear.
  • Pads will fit on floor buffers without the need for new equipment.
  • The life span of Twister pads is three times that of a traditional floor cleaning pad.

Quick Overview

  • For use with 14" - 20" floor buffers
  • 2 pads per case
  • For use up to 350 rpm machines

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