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15" Texsteel Flat Steel Wool Floor Buffer Pads (12 Pack)

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12 pads per case
Must be bought in multiples of 10.
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Product Description

These 15" Textsteel steel wool floor prep pads are brilliant for polishing and buffing. They can be attached to any of our 15" Floor Scrubbing Buffers to achieve your desired results. The Textsteel pads are designed for maximum performance, making them tougher, stronger and more compact than any other pad. They won’t tear, shred, fray at the edges and have less tendency to roll or bunch up.

These Textsteel steel wool pads will strip any tough, dry, paste-wax build-up off your floors. They will also buff a parquet floor to a brilliant luster or crystallize a floor to a glossy finish. Each pad is 3/8" thick, made from a needle-punched construction. The Textsteel pads are reversible to outperform and outlast even the so-called "premium" or "heavy duty" pads. If you need a pad that isn't as compact and won't clog up, take a look at our 15" Jumbo steel wool pads.

You must select your desired grade from the drop-down menu above. We offer 8 different levels of abrasiveness for our steel wool floor pads. The grade is determined by the thickness of the steel wool wire. Please read the descriptions below to figure out which grade you need for your application.

#0000 (Finest): For buffing and cleaning. Buffs wood, shellac, lacquer, and varnish with wax or oil.

#000 (Extra-Fine): For buffing, polishing, and removing. Buffs new wax finishes and polishes stainless steel. Removes paint drips and splatters, as well as minor burns from wood and leather.

#00 (Fine): For buffing, cleaning, cutting, and removing. Buffs final finish on painted trim. Removes old finishes with finish remover.

#0 (Medium-Fine): For cleaning and removing. Good for use on marble floors. Removes rust from metal surfaces.

#1 (Medium): For cleaning and preparing. Good for use on granite flooring. Cleans linoleum, rubber asphalt, and other resilient floors. Prepares wood for the first coat of paint and smooths raised grain.

#2 (Medium-Coarse): For cleaning and removing. Good for use on VCT floors. Cleans glass or stone surfaces. Removes scuff marks and old wax from floors.

#3 (Coarse): For removing. Removes old paint and varnish.

#4 (Extra-Coarse): For removing. Removes the toughest rust, dirt, old paint and varnish. Not recommended for high gloss surfaces or delicate finishes.

Steel Wool vs. Sand Paper Comparison Chart

Media Coarse to Fine
Steel Wool (Grade) #4 #3 #2 #1 #0 #00 #000 #0000
Sand Paper (Grit) 30-40 40-60 60-80 80-120 100-150 150-220 280-320 300-600

Quick Overview

  • 12 pressed pads per case
  • Available in 8 different grades (#0000 - #4)
  • #0000, #000 & #4 grades must be ordered in 10 case increments

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Product Information + Specs

International Steel Wool
Manufacturer Sku
Brush Size
15 inches
Product Type
Floor Pads, Bonnets & Sanding Screens