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12" x 18" Red Rectangular Orbital Floor Buffer Scrubbing & Spacer Pads (5 Pack)

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Product Description

These 12" x 18" red rectangular floor pads come 5 to a pack and are made to be used on oscillating floor machines like the Square Scrub® 12" x 18" Pivot oscillating floor machine . Each pad is very versatile and can be used to scrub and buff finished floors, as well as used as a spacer pad for other stripping and heavy duty floor scrubbing pads. The reason they are so versatile and they can be used as spacer pads, is because they will not harm a commercially finished floor.

These 1 inch thick pads can be used to buff your normal tiled floors. They can also be used as a spacer with your thinner pads, like the 12" x 18" black stripping pad. It is highly recommend that you use 2 red pads at the same time to lower the chances that your orbital floor buffer will come in contact with the floor in different spots.

Quick Overview

  • 5 pads per case
  • Light duty scrubbing & buffing pads
  • For use w/ oscillating floor machines